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Stimulation of Ovulation

Thinking woman

Stimulation of ovulation is usually performed with the help of several medications which help a woman to bring to the norm her menstrual cycle and as a result reach ovulation and pregnancy. There are two different widespread methods of ovarian stimulation: [click to continue…]

Dark-Brown and Light-Brown Vaginal Discharge

Brown vaginal discharge is quite widespread among women, but it is necessary to differ natural discharge which is connected with normal physiological processes from a symptom of a disease which requires serious treatment. [click to continue…]

Discharges of Various Consistency

Vaginal discharge is a feature that is inherent to any woman of reproductive age. In healthy women, discharges may be scant, slimy, little unclear, since they are composed of cells of the epithelium of the vagina. The most common cause of vaginal discharge changes in the nature are infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs: trichomoniasis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis. [click to continue…]

Brown Discharge instead of Period

There may be various reasons for brown discharge instead of period, that may be caused by normal physiological changes which do not require any treatment as well as by serious complications like ovarian failure. [click to continue…]

White Discharge After Ovulation

Normally vaginal white discharge is pure white or creamy white in color. Though it is normal to have the discharge in the beginning or end of the menstrual cycle, the discharge in that case contains white flakes. The discharge is white in color and odorless in nature. However, in case of infection the discharge may become clumpy, smelly and thicker than normal. Hormonal variations in woman body are the ground source for cervical fluid changes during all running cycle. [click to continue…]