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Dark-Brown and Light-Brown Vaginal Discharge

Brown vaginal discharge is quite widespread among women, but it is necessary to differ natural discharge which is connected with normal physiological processes from a symptom of a disease which requires serious treatment.

Dark-Brown Vaginal Discharge

Let us name some most widespread reasons for dark-Brown vaginal discharge.

  • Contraception. Sometimes it may appear for the reason of the before used contraception, especially during first course of oral contraceptives. But if it lasts three months or longer, it indicates that the drug doesn’t suit you.

  • Endometritis. In this case brown mucus appears in the middle of the cycle and is followed by aching pain in the abdomen. Chronic endometritis is dangerous during pregnancy, it can cause miscarriages at different stages. That is why ignoring this symptom may be very much devastating.

  • Endometrial Hyperplasia. Except clinical symptoms, this pathology has obvious signs in process of ultrasound examination.  It may happen with women in the period of menopause, what is extremely dangerous. In some cases endometrial hyperplasia may be followed by cancer.

  • Hysteromyoma. This is a benign tumor that most frequently detected for the first time in women of 25-­35 years. The tumor itself will not disappear, but surgery is rarely necessary, unless the tumor grows to “stalk” or has very large size.

  • Polyps. Brown discharge may be a sign of polyps in the uterus. The cause of the polyp can become abnormal mucosa of the uterus or cervix with chronic inflammation. The cause of uterine polyps are most often hormonal disorders.

Light­-Brown Vaginal Discharge

Light­-brown discharge suggests that the secretions have admixture of capillary blood in very small quantities. And there may be several reasons for it.

  • Problems With Hygiene. Problems with hygiene ­ one of the reasons of light brown discharge. Try to change the schedule of self­care, pay more attention to personal hygiene, and if after a few days the discharge stops it will mean that there are no complications.

  • Hormonal disbalance. Another reason for light­-brown discharge that appear before menstruation is a violation of hormonal system. The reason may be !!!hormonal contraceptives!!!.

  • Serious diseases of reproductive system. In all other cases, light­-brown or pink discharge after your period, during it or in the middle of the cycle is always a sign of the presence of a disease. This may be endometriosis, inflammatory infectious diseases, terminated pregnancy and the worst ­ cervix cancer.

  • Early pregnancy. Brown discharge during pregnancy is derived by reaction of the organism to hormonal changes, but do not belong to normal. Light­-brown discharge can be connected with rejection of the ovum what may lead to the development of spontaneous abortion.

As a conclusion, all the above-­mentioned diseases may be effectively cured if you do not ignore the fact of dark-­brown vaginal discharge and consult a doctor at once. Ignoring them may cause difficulties in further treatment. In any case, brown vaginal discharge, painful or particularly long­ is a reason to see a specialist. Women’s clinic has a variety of methods to determine the reasons for discharge. As a result of all the necessary research you will get an accurate picture of your health and understand whether it is necessary to undergo treatment and how exactly to treat the symptom.