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Ovulation Spotting

Bleeding During Ovulation

Women are all aware that bleeding during menstruation is just but a natural biological process. But what if it is the other way around and that is they have bleeding during ovulation. Women who experienced this kind of bleeding are often wondering what could be going on with their bodies. The phenomenon of bleeding during ovulation is a completely normal process experienced by great quantity of women and is considered to be a good sign of ovulation. [click to continue…]

Spotting Before Ovulation

Spotting before ovulation occurs in up to 30% of women, and is considered to be a normal thing if connected with ovulation. However intermenstrual light bleeding bothers ladies, as sometimes the border between the norm and pathology is too thin. Actually, a number of medical reasons may also cause spotting that takes place around the ovulation time. Let’s look at this controversial symptom in details. [click to continue…]

Spotting after ovulation may sometimes cause worries in women, but there is no reason to worry unless the discharge changes its color or consistency. Normal vaginal discharge has the color and consistency of the egg albumen. When a woman notices any change (as thicker or darker discharge, unpleasant odor) it is evident that she may begin to worry. Let’s have a closer look at the reasons of after­ ovulation discharge and find out its normal variations. [click to continue…]