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Brown Discharge instead of Period

There may be various reasons for brown discharge instead of period, that may be caused by normal physiological changes which do not require any treatment as well as by serious complications like ovarian failure.

The level of women sex hormones is always changing that is why the character of periods may vary in the process of living. In most cases these changes happen for the reason of hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy and birth. But unfortunately there is a long list of causes for brown discharge instead of period connected with dangerous diseases.

The Affection of Age Factor

If you are a young woman and the colour of your discharge during first period is brown, it is absolutely normal in the period of pubescence. Few months later your hormonal system will optimize its work and the color and consistency of discharge will become normal. Brown discharge is acceptable for women of older age who are in the period of menopause. If you belong to one of these age groups, there is no reason to worry: the discharges are caused by natural hormonal processes and the reproductive system will regulate the character of discharge itself.

The Affection of Health Factor

After birth and during lactation menstrual cycle is being restored gradually. And if you are in such a situation, there’s no need to do make efforts to change it. You should just observe your cycle during several months and if then the situation doesn’t change, you may consult a doctor.

If the situation is that you have no periods at all, that may be a sign of pregnancy and spotting is caused by implantation of the embryo. The easiest and the fastest way to find out is to make a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, brown discharge instead of periods may also be an alarming symptom, it may indicate an ectopic pregnancy or the threat of pregnancy interruption. Therefore the reasons of brown spotting during pregnancy are numerous and you may find all the necessary information about them.

If you have recently had surgery in the genital area or had a medical abortion, spotting may occur for this reason. Brown discharges may be caused by a strong stress, dramatic weight loss, intoxication poisoning. So try to remember if there happened anything like that in your life recently.

The Affection of Hormonal Factor

Brown discharge instead of periods may take place within 2-­3 months from the initiation of hormonal contraceptives. If that period of time has passed and menstruation and does not appear, you had better make an appointment with your doctor for an examination. If none of the above applies to you, observe the discharge a couple of days to realize, maybe the highlight is the harbingers of menstruation. If the usual spotting does not appear, it is strongly recommended to go to a gynecologist, endocrinologist or gynecologist to determine the cause of the unusual discharge.

As a summary, we can assert confidently is that each organism is unique and needs individual approach. That is why it is necessary to know much about women health and be able to apply this knowledge in your own live